About the author

Kevin Mulryne in 2022, shortly after Alan White died. Location: the basement of the Lucky Horseshoe Cafe, London, (now the Wildwood Kitchen), where Yes were formed and rehearsed in 1968. Poster created by long-time fan, John Kuehne, using a photo by Jerry and Lois Photography.

Kevin has been a dedicated Yes fan since 1983 when he was leant a cassette tape of 90125 and Tormato.

Unfortunately born a bit too late to experience the Yes of the 1970s, he has made up for lost time by devoting thousands of hours to learning all he can about the band. As part of this exploration, Kevin founded the Yes Music Podcast in 2011 and, along with co-host Mark Anthony K, has produced more than 550 weekly episodes about the world’s greatest progressive rock band.

The show has featured interviews with dozens of musicians and others associated with Yes including:

  • Jon Anderson
  • Steve Howe
  • Alan White
  • Bill Bruford
  • Tony Kaye
  • Billy Sherwood
  • Geoff Downes
  • Oliver Wakeman
  • Tom Brislin

Up until today, Kevin’s favourite Yes album has remained Tormato and he has researched as many aspects of the classic work as possible for this book – the culmination of decades of obsession.