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The music of Yes indelibly shaped the original sound of progressive rock. But the true tale of this landmark band goes well beyond headline-making albums like Fragile and Close to the Edge. In this book, Kevin Mulryne tells the absorbing story of the final Yes album of the 1970s, Tormato, uncovering myriad fascinating twists and turns for the first time. 

Tormato was my introduction to the music of the world’s greatest progressive rock band, and I have spent years finding out all I can about it,” explains Kevin. “I have spoken to fans, experts and many of the people who were there during the technical setup of the equipment, the recording of the album, and the creation of the artwork.”

“Along the way, I have learned a great deal about Yes, and the processes, frustrations and triumphs of recording a rock album in the late ‘70s. This is a deep dive into what makes an iconic band tick. I’m sure you will enjoy the journey as much as me!”

So what’s the real deal with Tormato? … Be prepared to be surprised. 


Kevin Mulryne is founder and joint host of the weekly Yes Music Podcast, which is now in its second decade. He is also co-founder of Teacher Hug Radio, an audio expert, a member of The Podcast Academy, an audiobook producer and narrator, a webinar host and an e-learning consultant.

Oliver Wakeman is an award winning keyboardist, Pianist and composer. He was born into a musical family and is the eldest son of rock musician, Rick Wakeman. He has written and appeared on various albums, all of which have been released to critical acclaim.

2008 saw Oliver join Yes members Chris Squire, Steve Howe and Alan White for the ‘In the Present’ world tour with vocalist, Benoit David. When the Howe/Squire/White line became Yes, Oliver embarked on world tours throughout 2009, 2010 and 2011, performing over 150 shows as a member of the band.

In 2011 Oliver was credited as a performer and writer on the Yes studio release ‘Fly From Here’. He also appears on the Yes CD and DVD release ‘In the Present – Live from Lyon’ handling all the keyboard duties.

Following Chris Squire’s death, Oliver was inspired to finish off songs he had co-written while a member of Yes which was subsequently released as the mini-LP ‘From a Page’ in 2015.

Book feedback

“With painstaking original research and genuine enthusiasm, Kevin Mulryne uncovers the fascinating story of one of Yes’s most overlooked and undervalued albums, in order to demonstrate its real value.” – Simon Barrow, author of Solid Mental Grace: Listening to the Music of Yes.

“A fascinating and almost forensic study into an album often overlooked by Yesfans – after reading you’ll never hear the album in the same way again!” Geoff Bailie, The Prog Report

“A fascinating read. While it is only about one album, it says so much about the music business in general. The detailed analysis that all Yes albums deserve.” Henry Potts,


Kevin Mulryne is available for interviews, podcasts etc.

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