What’s in the book?

Paper book and A5 full colour supplement

Enjoy – former Yes keyboardist Oliver Wakeman‘s foreword

Read about – the background and context of Tormato.

Discover – how and why Anderson, Squire, Howe, Wakeman and White created the sounds and atmosphere of the final Yes album of the 1970s.

Hear – first-hand accounts of the recording of the classic work from people who were there.

Learn – how the original ideas for the album changed and why it ended up as it did.

See – behind-the-scenes photos of the production process and cover art.

Uncover – the myriad of different versions of the album, singles and advertising materials.

Find out – how Tormato music was received by critics and fans and how it sounded live.


The rarest musical instrument in the world

The ’flared trousers’ of the drum world

A crow on someone’s shoulder

An annotated picture of The Queen

‘Blow-up Bridge’

A drum kit nailed to the floor

The removal of a guitar from the mix

32 cassette variations

A harpsichord

Free single cover art

The Les Paul

The most distinctive bass sound ever


No clowns